The level of fear we are experiencing with this virus, maybe the right time for me to look into this issue. It is important to separate the lies from the truth.


THE WORLD HEALTH ORGINATION is claimed to the one of the most reliable sources of virus information for the well-being of citizens. With that being said, their measures to control the coronavirus is to do the following.

















Coronavirus CoV

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS-Cov

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SAR-CoV

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and humans.

For example SARS was transmitted from cats to humans, MERS crossed to humans from camels, they also claim there are more coronavirsus that humans haven’t been infected with. Coronavirus COVID-19 is a new strain discovered in 2019.

Recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus, wash hands, cover mouth when coughing or sneezing, thoroughly cook meat and eggs.

If you notice a fever, cough, shortness of breath then there is a 50-50 chance you maybe infected.

The new coronavirus spreading in China, appears to be like SARS they share 80% of their genetic code as well as both originated from bats. This is according to the studies link below.



The human body was designed to protect us from the viruses we in counter daily, however our bodies must be healthy. In today’s world we traded off our health for convince, our health as well as our ability to fight off viruses is the cost convince.

The number one change we can make for the betterment of our immune system, is to eat healthy. Processed foods must be the worst to put into our bodies, filled with chemicals we can’t even read as well as the labels that say may contain.

Brian Sardi makes an interesting point about COVID-19, however this can be said about any virus. He wants to be naturally infected. When our bodies are healthy then our immune system is also healthy, and is able to kill this virus, remember this is like any other virus nothing special.

With this virus, society has all but come to a standstill because our fears of getting infected, and the idea we have no antibodies for this virus. The majority of the population who are at risk are the ones with weakened immune systems.

Bill wants to be infected so his body can produce the lifelong antibodies, not like vaccines.


Would you allow to have a live virus injected into you? You don’t want to become infected naturally, but you are willing to be injected. Not only will you get the virus, but a host of heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminum.

The western societies with poor health due to their diet, causes weak immune systems. No amount of vaccines will produce lifelong antibodies for any virus. Besides with all of the research and papers on vaccines, not one can claim that vaccines work even 70% of the time. However the information on heavy metals in the body is extremely harmful.


The people who are in control of society health, or so we are led to believe will force vaccines upon all of us. We have already seen this in the US with the school kids, how the government stepped in and took control. If we think for one minute that our neighbour will not turn you in for not following protocol, just see what fear mongering has done even before this virus.



The health officials will claim that swift action on their part averted an outbreak. The research show different, Conoravirus map.

In the equatorial zones there is no trace of the COVID-19. Why? It is a well fact known that vitamin D is a leader in the fight against viruses. They do get their abundance of sunlight.

The map show how the virus has been isolated and soon it will be a part of our lives, just like any other virus we battle with seasonally. WHO says secondary infections mostly occur in the families not in communities. They also claim this is due to poor health habits, l would add that mostly it is due to our lack of eating healthy.


This virus outbreak started with SARS in 2003, have we been able to create lifelong antibodies to protect us, it has been17 years? Or have we become carriers showing no symptoms.

Link below has all of the information



This link is the beginning of our coronavirus from the CDC


Today’s way of thinking is to avoid anyone who appears to be sick in one form or another, if it is noticeable then those people are treated like they have a terminal sickness they can catch. This is not a caring society, it is more like being shunned as well as being looked down upon. This next link will show the general attitude of western society.


It is unfortunate that the lack of accurate information has terrified some nations, to the point that COVID-19 has joined the ranks of viruses such as, Aids, Polio, Scarlet Fever, which used to freeze us into fear.

We live in a bubble of viruses, inside as well as outside our bodies, we spend little amount of time focusing on our health and more on how many likes we get on the internet sites. We only accept the news off these same sites, whether it is true or not.

If COVID-19 is as devastating, they why has several viruses taken more lives in a shorter amount of time. Take for instance the US had a severe flu epidemic 2017/18, 900,000 people were sick enough they ended up in hospitals, and more than 80,000 died. Between 10 and 50 million just US citizens come down with the flu each year, if this does not fuel the fires of fear. As of March 30th there have been 768,466 cases and 36,914 deaths and 160,243 recovered. This is not even close to the numbers of the flu epidemic of 2017. There are many other viruses that have created havoc in so many lives.

Link below Worldometers conoravirus numbers.

Public Health policy specialist speak of two different outbreaks, one the COVID-19 and the false exaggerated news both news sites as well as social site news which the general public turn to for their up to date news. Clare Wenham at the London School of Economics writes in the British Medical Journal that, there is unchecked information released to the public which has created panic amongst  the citizens. The panic we see over COVID-19 is the result of the media as well as self declared experts.

Instead of the public doing their research they are more than egger to accept the false reports, and place blame on the WHO for not clamping on the news outlets for displaying fake news, as well as creating panic amongst the public.

Clare Denham says, the evidence is that the risk of dying is very low, only the elderly with other health conditions are most at risk. However if their immune system is healthy chances are less likely of death or serious issues. She also says that we experienced the same fear spreading when the Mad Cow Disease “MCD”. One would think we would learn from the past fear mongering reports.    Link below view full report

As we watch from the comfort of our homes, we cringe at the thought of this new virus and what we are led to believe about it. After a few months this virus has stopped in it’s tracks and it is on the downward slide, like any other virus we face daily. All that fear, for what?

Link below virus is stopping.

Our Immune System




Viruses that changed the course of history.

We can rest assured that as we pick up the pieces of this horrible virus, there is sure more to come from the animals, perhaps even more deadlier forms of viruses.


                            Part Two


               IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD



In part two we will look at the levels of CO2 the earth produces, from volcanoes, to the ocean, as well as the deforestation .

How responsible are we as humans for the CO2 levels we see today?  Through scientific data we can see the levels clearly reaching higher levels than expected, so the government scientists down play or dismiss the truth.

In the largest cases a single plume only lasting a few hours, will send millions of tons of CO2 into the air. With the eruptions daily from around the earth, is it possible that humans contribute small amounts of CO2 less than we have been lead to believe.

ZME science has a government bias about the CO2, and who produces more man or nature?



The USGS alongside other government information controlled organizations, say according to their data claim volcanoes emit 200 million tons of CO2 annually.

When Mount Pinatubo erupted, it sent 42 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. They dare to claim that even with this scale of activity, it doesn’t match mans activity. Pinatubo’s release of pressure created enough of a change that, the global temperatures dropped almost 1 degree in the years 1991 to 1993.

With the USGS admitting an almost full degree drop linked to the eruption, they are in agreement with their findings. With all of the cores of ice, they claim they best guess amounts. Is it that the data doesn’t fit into their grab for money?

The data from the British Geological Survey [ BGS], the equivalent to USGS has different data. They are all taking a guess as well as theories as to the amount of CO2 nature contributes. Their estimates claim that volcanoes emit 300 million tons of CO2 in an average year, this is their best guess. In the same breath they say what man’s contribution far out weighs any volcano.


Volcano eruptions can change a lot of things, but they’re not responsible for climate change. Image credits: Christina Neal, AVO/USGS.


With all of the guess work not relying on data from ice cores, they estimate between 200 to 300 million tons of CO2 to what they claim to be 24 billion tons by man. We need to keep in mind that this is just a best guess on their part, and we are told this is the truth.

The Bottom Line

CO2 is a greenhouse gas that regulates the temperature of earth, as well as allows trees to grow. But they won’t admit that, it’s the truth. What they claim is volcanoes emit large amounts of CO2, but no where near as much as man. They say they know this with a great degree of certainty.



Revising the climate-altering eruptions


In February of 2020 it was decided to revise the numbers they used in the past, because the numbers don’t add up. The more people question our changing climate the more government science panics.

When Mount Pinatubo erupted it was the largest in the past 100 years. This eruption is a good example of a stratospheric eruption, reaching into the stratosphere.

When particles reach that high, and stay the dust reflects sunlight to the point where the earth goes into a cooling period.

The University of Maryland, Grenoble Alpes, Ecole Normale Superieure, and the Tokyo Institute of Tech, devised a more accurate system for stratospheric eruptions in layers of ice cores.

Using their method researchers made revisions, because the information was not accurate as well as misidentifying events. So we ask, how are we sure that they are right in their findings?



                             Part one


                IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD


There  is much information about how our planet is warmer now  than it ever has been, and therefore many see it as not a normal cycle of the universe. But a bad thing for humans, not seeing the whole picture.

We have weather records dating back thousands of years, cycles like the one we are now in has happened before, more than once.

If we put aside what we are told as well as taught, and review the facts. We will realize that we are being mislead daily, my thoughts on this is follow the money.

I will show many records from the past as well as the  present:

The Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change claim that, it is extremely likely that human influence has been the cause of the warming in the 20th century. They claim humans are the cause for the rise in greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide.

When we do the research we see that most of the climate leaders, all agree that these 3 elements are the cause of greenhouse gases caused by humans.

There needs to be less reliance on peoples word, and more on digging for the facts. Computers, books were reliable for correct information, however this is not so in the past 20 to 30 years. Why do people not question this, no one we learn to understand anything around us from our weather to our planet.


What is it?

In the 17th century Jan Baptista Van Helmont discovered carbon dioxide is unlike any other gas. It liquefies upon compression to 75 kg per square centimetre at a tempeture of 31C. When carbon dioxide is frozen it is called dry ice. At ordinary temperatures, carbon dioxide decomposes into carbon monoxide and oxygen.When Ammonia is mixed with CO2 under pressure Ammonia Carbamate, then UREA. The chemicals combined produce fertilizers, plastics, fire extinguishers, inflating life jackets, rubber, plastics, carbonated drinks, and also promotes healthy growth in plants.

Carbon dioxide is a tasteless, odourless gas that makes up LESS than 1 % of the earth’s atmosphere.

One molecule of carbon dioxide contains one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen,

This non-metallic chemical belongs to Group 14 {IVA} on the periodic table, even though we are led to believe that the Carbon Dioxide is highly concentrated on t planet earth. It is not, it only makes up 0.025 of the earth’s crust and less than 1% of our atmosphere. CO2 even thought the amount is low it still manages to form more compounds than all other elements combined. Sounds like if we loose our Carbon Dioxide, life would be far worse than we have it now.

In the crust of earth, carbon is a minor component. When carbon combines with other elements, life is able to continue. We can thank Carbon Dioxide for our way of life as well as the other chemicals created through this process. Such as Magnesium, Calcium, Magnesite, Dolomite, Marble, Limestone, Coral. Carbon is widely used in society we have grown way too dependent on our Petroleum, Natural Gas, as well as all of the plastics we have grown accustom to.

Man made climate misinformed believers claim, we are the creators of the CO2 levels we have now in the 21 century. Do we take their word? When we look at the history of the CO2 levels, they are not as high as has been in the past. Theories have been repeated daily in our schools as well as society, that science is right without showing only view. The natural cycle of everything we know and not know has a cycle, nothing we know of stays the same always changing. Over the history of earth there have serious changes without man’s interference.

Science claims that the earth’s atmosphere is out of balance, where is the proof for such claims? Just by saying a few words without solid facts, they can claim that man must be the cause for our change in planet weather.

These planet fear mongers demand we as citizens pay for the natural order of the weather, all it takes is a few chosen words without facts. Why do we believe them? Is it our excuse, we don’t have the time, or is it that we are so gullible that we will believe anything.

Should we ask what do they mean by this?

While scientists are FAIRLY CERTAIN that 100 million years ago CO2 was much higher than today, my red flag is up “fairly certain”? In general terms CO2 levels back 500 million years ago show the climate CO2 levels were higher, however they fail to mention that it was a different world then if they are right about their time line. They just fail to mention that the world then had a climate, vegetation, as well as animals. Much of the wildlife and the vegetation went extinct, no mention of that.

The more l look for hard facts the more harder it is to make sense of the information available,

It is easier to find the facts in older books, l am seeing a pattern.



Does science offer the facts, it doesn’t appear that way. Furthermore when people use numbers and letters to explain our world around us and are wrong, it is easy just go back and change numbers to make their ideas, theory’s , thoughts, believable.

Has anyone noticed that anything science can’t explain with numbers, they call a myth or a fairy tale.  Even the scientists cannot agree how much influence man has had on planet earth. If we choose to believe in science, then we as humans are to be blamed for all of the changes. How could we accept science facts when all data is based on theories?

Government agenda science allows them to take our hard earned money like a bully in a school yard. When a theory is spun to show the citizens as the wrong doers, it is easy to demand money weather or not what they say is based on fact. However this is not the case, independent facts show a clearer picture.

I do agree with the removal of the trees being  a serious problem, take the earth’s lungs and we wonder why the CO2 levels are high, dah.

I will show both sides of this climate debate in an un bias manner, starting with the government scientists as well as the history records which l may add were very hard to find.

Professor Ruddiman says, atmospheric levels of CO2 began to rise when humans started clearing forests, and the levels of Methane levels increased 3000 years later. Now l ask why does Methane even come into this discussion, it lagged behind 3000 years? Starting to see a pattern yet?

Then in the next paragraph Ruddiman claims that, atmospheric levels of CO2 and Methene naturally fluctuate because of the changes in orbit of earth and the resulting amounts of sun light.

Scientists assumed the factory age that human activity had a significant effect on the climate. The changes in our climate in the past looking at the levels of CO2 as well as Methene were attributed to natural causes says Ruddiman. In a clearer English language they are ignoring history data, sounds like they are hiding the facts.

Their words are chosen carefully, like this line.

They say that prehistoric practices APPARENTLY overrode a build up of ice that their models predicted over the last 5000 years.

Nasa gov. claim that the temperature is controlled by the CO2 in the air, however they fall short of blaming man for the cause. Maybe citizens are waking up and calling them out on the bs.


This is part one of several, all of the links are below.

This article as well as the video helps to explain, how the balance is upset with the CO2. The wealthy as well as the greedy will not accept the facts, they are the ones who should be held accountable for the removal of the trees. Not the citizens who are forced to buy into their scam.

There are many reasons for people to hide the truth, as well as misleading the public. I always look who will benefit the most, it is always the ones who are raking in the money.






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